Monday, December 17, 2007

Mooooooove Over

I have heard a lot of strange things, but a coworker relayed this story to me and it was too amusing not to pass along. Imagine being a 911 calltaker and receiving multiple calls about cows in the road. This is not all that strange of an occurrence in rural America, but along a stretch of busy highway, it is very concerning. Officers arrive to find single cows spaced out somewhat evenly along the highway. It is not until one caller relays that there is a truck in front of her pulling a cattle trailer with the rear gate open does it all start to make sense. The poor cows were bouncing out one by one as the driver continued down the highway, not even realizing his load was getting lighter and lighter.


Blogger Wentworth Family Blog said...

That was at my dispatch center! It was on day shift and I work graveyard but it was the talk of the center for a long time!

9:53 AM  
Blogger Wentworth Family Blog said...

I am sorry wrong cow story, but your story was great! I should know what I am talking about before I post comments huh? have a good day!

9:55 AM  
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