Thursday, April 20, 2006

Einstein's Brother

So when you are acting so terrible that the cops call you a cab to send you home, is stiffing the cabbie the best idea?? The cops called the cab, they know where you live!


Blogger jen said...

An officer called me to see if I could find him a code for a gated neighborhood he was trying to get into, as I was looking up the code in the computor, he mentioned a lady just pulled up that was also going in. I heard him ask her if she knew the code and could let him in, about the time I'd found the code for him, he started laughing and said, "She told me 'I cant give you the code, it's confidential'"! ....yes, she was serious, and yes, he was in a black and white~

1:24 AM  
Blogger 911Girl said...

According to all the scare news/Internet stories a person can buy a cop costume and then get fake decals, put them on a his/her car, and abra cadabra, cop taking advantage of small children and little old ladies :)

4:24 AM  

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