Friday, February 03, 2006

Some People Make Bad Decisions

While at a bar a young lady meets a man. They talk, laugh, flirt, and when bar time rolls around said man offiers to go get said lady's car, pull it around to the front door, and warm it up while she settles her tab. Lady hands over the keys while the bartender totals her tab. Her tab is quite expensive and the bartender explains that the man she was with was charging all of his drinks plus drinks he was buying for other ladies to her card. Lady goes outside to approach man and man takes off in her car.

Legally, because lady willingly gave her keys to man, this is not considered a stolen vehicle. It is a civil matter. Lady then continues to call 911 into the wee hours of the morning wanting to know why the police have not dropped everything to be out driving around looking for her car.


Blogger Rome1979 said...

i just wonder if he was sitting outside, car warmed, waiting to see if she was going to pay and just continue on to the love shack or what... at what point did he decided she was pissed... that's great, what a fucking moron - both of them

11:27 AM  
Blogger M2KB said...

That's interesting. You see, here in the UK, that would still be theft. The permission to drive the vehicle only extended to "bring the vehicle round the front." Take it any further than that and you are guilding of Taking WithOut Consent (TWOC).

10:56 PM  

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